Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This sweet guy is SIX years old.
Hard to believe!
He is sweet, witty, kind, funny, caring, silly and such a great big brother. He takes this role very seriously and is such a good role model for Will.
Chase loves cereal (Leaping Lemurs), pancakes, cheesy eggs, pb and j's, pasta, pizza and most Mexican dishes. He does NOT like almonds or tuna.
He is doing great with night waking and was "motivated" with a chart to keep track of how often he was sleeping through the night! He recently graduated from his "whales" class at swim lessons and is now considered a "dolphin!" - He is swimming 25 feet on his own, doing breaststroke and backstroke, treading water and doing turns in the water. We are so proud of him, he loves to swim!
School is going well and things are really "clicking" with him in reading. He is doing great and LOVES Kindergarten, his teachers are awesome and he loves his school family.
His favorite shows are Blaze (monster trucks) and he loves to play Mario Cart. His favorite movies are Big Hero 6 and The Lego Movie. He likes to dance and be silly and "rock" in the car! :)

We started our morning with his request of cheesy eggs and cinnamon toast. He opened his new Lego Movie keychain for his backpack and he was off to school!
I got to come in twice on his birthday to read our favorite book, Dragons Love Tacos, and again in the afternoon for a fairytale called Dinorella for their fairytale unit. Chase gave his class the card game Spot It! to share during free choice.indoor recess.
I had so much fun reading to those sweet friends of his!
 This one tried to blend in with all the other kindergarteners. I think he wanted me to leave him there.
Next year buddy, next year. (He's doing CDO on Fridays! He cries when we have to leave school!) 

Cake and presents after dinner. His request was lemon basil chicken pasta - his favorite!
This kid is into Legos!

His first set of clubs!

Not sure who is more excited here! :)
Chase also had special visits these past few weekends from Mimi and Pop and Grandma. Greg even stopped by on his way back to Louisville on a business meeting and surprised Chase on his birthday! Thanks for making his day so special! He was definitely feeling the love!

Happy Birthday sweet boy, you are such a blessing to us!

Updated to include Chase's well visit stats:
Weight 44.5 lbs (42%)
Height: 46.75 inches (73%)
 No shots this visit and everything looked great.
So thankful for his health!


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