Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Will {a 21 month update}

Little mister is doing great. I am SUPER excited to report that he has napped every day since January 30th. I bought some cheap black out curtains and a tension rod (so I wouldn't have to drill) from Target to test them out and needless to say it was the best $25 I've probably ever spent. He naps well, at least 1.5 hours and often longer. I feel like a new woman! He is sleeping 7-7/7:30 at night.
He is still eating well and his favorite things are pizza "peeza!" and yogurt "yerguh" :) He sometimes eat as much as I do. I see a Costco membership in my future.
 bringing the snow inside

 His hair is still awesome.
wild times after bath
Will has new words everyday! He is at the most fun age and I love to watch his little mind work.
He loves to dance and after dinner we will often turn on music and he just goes to town! He recently loves Yo Gabba Gabba, brings back a LOT of memories of Chase when we hear those songs!
He loves books, trucks, fire trucks, and recently loves the garbage truck and runs to the front window on Friday mornings when we are lucky enough to catch it.
 Oh, these two!

With his gal Maddy at bible study!

He started swim lessons about a month ago and is really loving the water. We pull into the parking lot and he starts saying "swimming! swimming!"

With his babydoll Freddy (who was mine as a child) - who he refuses to let me dress.

He now sleeps with a lightweight blanket and when you leave his room at night he says thank you "tinkoo" when you put it on him. He is persistent so you have to be sure to say you are welcome or you'll hear it once you shut the door.  
movie night
We sure love you sweet boy! :)


The Beckers said...

He's so cute! And you DEFINITELY need a Costco membership! I talk about Costco like it's my 4th child. If you need to schedule a conference call with Carrie and me to discuss, let me know. :)

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