Monday, July 14, 2014

Will {13 month update}

Catching up Mr. Will's monthly updates slowly but surely!
He is sleeping great, still around 11 hours a night. Taking two naps and up for about 3-4 hours in between. (That is the life, huh?!)
He loves to sweep the kitchen floor and is still obsessed with balls. On walks, in the grocery store, he will randomly shout "BALL!!" where you will look around and think, no way is there a ball. Nope - there it will be. He is always able to spot one!
He loves to eat and there isn't much he won't try except he doesn't dig eggs and won't eat avacados anymore. He really enjoys waffles, carbs in general, yogurt and cottage cheese still merits a loud shriek when he sees the container arrive on the table. He recently discovered smoothies and likes them, plus I can sneak in milk since this kid will NOT drink it. (warm, cold, in a straw cup, in a sippy, mixed with breast milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk - he ain't having it!)
His biggest new trick?

 He is starting to enjoy books more and more and will sit still long enough to read them, mostly in the morning after he wakes up. His favorites are Pat the Pet and Brown Bear, Brown Bear. He is also in a convertible car seat now, (Chase's old one since big brother was moved into a new 5 point harness/high back booster!) but he recently has become way less of a fan of being in the car. Eek!
His face. He has attitude, can you tell?!
Also, if you are looking for a cute new Etsy shop to obsess over - head over to my friend Kady's shop, The Printed Poppy. Seriously cute stuff!
She designed this shirt for Will and isn't it just perfect?!
 Playdate with our pal Hudson!
 He loves when brother gives him a laundry basket ride!

 Have I mentioned he thinks Chase hung the moon?
Loves to sweep and help out around here. He charges about 30 puffs an hour.

sweet cheeks!


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