Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{Broken toes and Fireworks}

 I broke my big toe two weeks ago during a P90x workout (more on that later!) I wish I could tell you it was the mixed martial arts portion - but it was yoga. I was swinging my leg through from one legged down dog into crescent pose and my toe got caught on the mat. It snapped, really hurt, I screamed, and luckily Will was napping so Chase and I took off for an xray. (I should also note that Wes works from home and I didn't leave a napping infant alone!) I declined wearing a boot and instead buddy taped it for a week or so. It was feeling better until I recently ran over it with the stroller, so now I'm back to taping it again and hoping it doesn't take the full 4-6 weeks to heal. It is more annoying than anything having to constantly remember to not use it.
 I'm amazed how much we need that big toe. :)



In other, more fun news, the July 4th weekend was great.
We had a cookout and swam with our friends Nic and Liz.
That night Chase stayed up late to do a few fireworks in our culdesac.  

 Nic and Liz with Hudson, what a cutie! :) He and Will are three months apart!

 Yep. Totally normal to teach your kid to pose like this.
 The silliest!

Happy Birthday America!


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