Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catching up on June

Summer is in full swing and we are living it up, enjoying every moment before we blink and it's winter again!
 We have taken a couple of visits to Conner Prairie and loved the newly redesigned indoor play area - so fun! Chase loved meeting this little lamb in the animal barn. She was five hours old and so sweet.
Chase and Wes also went up in the helium balloon for the first time on one of our visits. Chase did great and was so brave. It got a little windy (gusts over 30 MPH) when they were up and they ended up cancelling rides for the rest of the day. Yikes. :)

 We have had lots of fun pool days and have visited a lot of new parks and splash parks this summer. On this particular day Chase got so dirty and sandy he had to drive home in his underwear. On the way home he had a rare ice cream treat - I'd call that day a success!
 In early June I visited Louisville for a fun get together with some college girlfriends, Sarah and Jenni. We had a blast! Will came with me and Chase and Wes went to an Indians baseball game and had a "guy's day!"
 Some days it is nice to just stay at home and play in the yard!

 We also went to a fun cookout with some church friends - my how our group has multiplied over the years! :)


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