Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We were in town for Easter this year and spent the weekend doing some fun things around the house!
Chase and I made resurrection rolls and Hot Cross buns for the first time. I was thrilled that he remembered a lot of the story from last year and from during the resurrection eggs the days leading up to Easter.

 We (as in Wes) spent some time cleaning out the garage and getting the patio furniture out (yay!) while the boys played in the water table and on the playset.
Will was a huge fan of the water table.
I'm thinking we will wait a while to put the sand in this year as then he won't be able to really play much in it.
Coloring eggs!
Chase was excited to decorate his with the Star Wars kit Grandma sent!

 Easter morning, love their sleepy faces.
Chase was soooo excited to FINALLY have Frozen to watch.
He of course asked if we could have movie night that night. :)

 Excited about his new books!
Heading off to church, thank you self timer!
(It only took 15 tries.)


 Our cuties after church!
Happy Easter!


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