Friday, April 6, 2012

Resurrection Rolls {Easter Craft Time}

This is certainly not my unique idea, it was another pinterest find. I loved the idea and tried to adapt it as best I could for a three year old!

What you'll need:
melted butter
cinnamin/sugar mixture
can of cresecnt rolls (reduced fat helped ease some of the fatness factor)
 We got Chase's bible out and found the story from John and read it.
And then we ate a marshmallow to make sure they were ok.

 You can read John 19, but I just tried to summarize for a 3 year old.
We dipped the marshmallow (representing Jesus: all white and pure because he was without sin) in the butter (embalming oils), dipped that into the cinnamon sugar mixture (spices used to prepare his body for burial) and then wrapped that into the crescent rolls (how they wrapped Jesus' body).

While they cooked I read John 20, and was actually surprised when Chase seemed captivated by the story. For a three year old, I think he did well, even asking me when we talked about how He died for us "Did he cry?" I told him a lot of people cried but that He did it for us so that we could have eternal life and be with Him in heaven one day. His reply? "Well that was nice."

Yes, that was nice. :)

Once they were done (11 minutes at 350 was perfect), we let them cool and then looked inside!


Just a few other Easter/Spring crafts from the week:
egg shaped sponges


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