Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disney Day 5 {Animal Kingdom}

Animal Kingdom was our last park of the trip!

The safari cruise was the ride we loved the most!
The giraffes were so close you could have touched them!
Chase got to show off his awesome dancing skills in Africa that day!

The Lion King "show" was great. It's my personal favorite so to give Chase a glimpse of that was special for me. We sat in the "lion" section. They had us all show our claws and growl at the beginning of the show. Will went bananas crying at that point so I literally nursed him through the show! Poor little guy!

Our favorite parts of Animal Kingdom were the safari cruise and The Lion King show.
Chase was not a fan of A Bug's Life...they do a good job of warning you that it can be scary for little kids, but we thought we'd try it. It was the only ride/experience he left before it ended.
Since we were heading home the next morning we made a shorter day of AK. We headed back to the hotel to hang out and have dinner at The Whispering Canyon.

The trip was so fun and we can't wait to go back some day.
We really filled our memory banks that week!


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