Monday, January 20, 2014

Disney Day 4 {Magic Kingdom Day 2 of 2}

Our second day at Magic Kingdom began early (oh, they all did, who am I kidding?)
We wanted to get there when the park opened in order to see the characters arrive by train and do the big countdown and fireworks. Our first day at MK we made it off the ferry in time for the last firework to go off during the opening, so we wanted to make sure we didn't miss it!
We took the bus to the Contemporary Resort that morning and then walked to MK.


Pictures by the castle

I also captured my favorite image of the trip near the castle that morning:
It melts my heart.
I first saw a photo like this on Audrey Smith's blog here. It moved me so much the first time I saw it. I thought about recreating it and having a hat for Christian sitting beside them, but honestly -- I couldn't bring myself to. We miss him every day - this trip was no exception.

This next one is a photo of a very brave Chase on Splash Mountain, I couldn't believe I captured it!
 How about a closer look?!

Tom Sawyer Island

 After another visit with Mickey (he talked to us, which caught us all off guard since only the face characters (princesses, Peter Pan, etc.) usually do - I wish I had captured it on video!), we headed back to the hotel for some swimming. Chase loved the water slide and movies on the beach! This trip also marked the first time Will had been swimming. He really enjoyed himself and loved to splash!
Next up: Animal Kingdom!


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