Friday, January 24, 2014

January Fun

This month has been cold, cold, cold!
Lots of school closings and delays.
We have tried to make the best of it - but most days when we don't HAVE to get outside, we don't!
Just think of how much we will appreciate the spring when it arrives!
A few weeks ago my Mom came in and we took the boys to the Children's Museum for Jolly Days. It was Mimi's first time to the museum!
 Chase beat me down the slide! Inside lane advantage.
Will enjoys being in his umbrella stroller where he is able to look around (and chew on his socks).
 We made some snow ice cream with some of the freshly fallen snow. There seems to be an abundance of it around here lately! We used this recipe.
It always reminds me of my childhood when I eat this!

Something else we like to do to get our wiggles out is jumping onto the couch cushions.
On this day Chase wanted me to capture him doing different super hero poses as he jumped...
I think he would make an awesome super hero!

What have YOU been doing to stay busy on these cold days indoors?


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