Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meeting Will

Some girlfriends had shared with me their experiences with siblings meeting each other, so I had it in my mind not to expect a hallmark moment. Chase came back to recovery after Will's bath, nursing and some general hang out time. He brought Will a red dinosaur and was excited to peek under his hat to see what color hair he had. We told him his name and then we told him that we were going to go and get Mimi, Pop and Grandma to meet him.
He had a hard time keeping things a secret. :)
He ran into the waiting room and shouted, "He has brown hair! And his name is---" but Wes was able to stop the rest of the sentence from coming out. :)
 He was SO very sweet during that first meeting, it melted my heart.
Chase got to push the button to hear the lullaby throughout the L & D unit. 
Overall it was a great first meeting.
It was a bit difficult to have Chase in the hospital room for too long as he was only really concerned with watching shows and movies. Oh, and eating snacks. :)
He had a great last week of school and had a BLAST with Mimi, Pop and Grandma!
Once we were home, he warmed up to Will much more, wanting to "watch over him," "look at his cute face," bring him toys and telling him Will is his "favorite guy in the whole town!"
Mimi, Pop and Grandma got to come into recovery and meet Will as well. And before too long I was transported to my postpartum room where we stayed through Thursday. Once we were there I just felt a huge sigh of relief that things had gone smoothly and we were on the other side of the surgery!
proud grandparents
 Chase opening a few things from Will out of his big brother bag!

 diaper change, hearing test and cuddles

Will's birthday party/cake and some kisses from Chase

More hospital fun:

Next up...coming home! :)



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It makes me so happy to see these pictures!

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