Friday, May 24, 2013

Will {The Birth Story}

The C-section was scheduled for 7:30 am, so we had to arrive at the hospital at 5:30, which meant getting up around 4:30. We were both anxious and just balls of nerves the night before so needless to say we didn't sleep well. The good thing was not having to get up and wait too long before heading over. I kind of wanted to get up and get through it! :)
{This was one of my favorite scripture cards that I read through that morning in the hospital.}

We arrived at the hospital and I got my IV fluids and an antibiotic before surgery. There was a little bit of waiting around and then my doctor came in to see us as well as the anesthesiologist.
They were a bit ahead of schedule so we got to go back a bit before 7:30. That was probably a good thing as all I could do was stare at the giant clock on the wall.
Going into the operating room was intense. We had toured the hospital weeks before but didn't go into the OR. We requested a different room from where we had Christian, but overall it looked the same and the memories all came flooding back immediately. Our Dr. was great and they allowed Wes to stay in the OR with me the entire time, including when I got my spinal block. It went well, didn't hurt very much aside from a tiny bee sting feeling. At one point, when they removed the needle, I had a lightning bolt type of feeling shoot down my right leg - but it only lasted a moment and was gone.
In what felt like forever but was only probably 5 minutes, they prepped me and got to work. I mentioned again to the NICU team off to the side that I needed to know AS SOON as possible that he was ok. We were so anxious. We had a birth plan so everyone knew our history, which was nice.
I wish that I could have been just all happy and excited and tell you that I was ok completely - but I was just anxious in general to have him in my arms and know he was ok.
A c-section is a weird thing. Lots of pressure, tugging, freaking out a little that you are going to all of a sudden start feeling something! :) Wes was right by my side the whole time, holding my hand. We both didn't say much, instead - it just felt like time was standing still while we waited to meet our son. I asked the Dr. if everything was going ok at one point, and he said "yes, matter of fact, you are going to get to see this baby very soon."
 A few more minutes, the assisting doctor mentioning that it was a big baby (!) and then we finally heard Will cry for the first time. It was the best sound in the world. And then our Dr. lifted him up over the curtain for us to see. It is definitely one of those moments that you know you'll never forget, yet it goes so fast you want to relive it over and over again- if that makes any sense at all.
They took him over to the NICU staff immediately and started assessing him. He was crying, looked great, and scored a 9/10 on his Apgar! One of the NICU team members came over and told us he looked great and that so far everything appeared healthy and normal.
While they were sewing me back up (actually using a new dissolving staple!) I was feeling uncomfortable in my upper abdomen, and the anesthesiologist told me he could give me something for the pain. I agreed to it, until he said it might make me drowsy. So then I said no. :) I wanted to be as present as possible - and I'm really glad that I was. I had some trouble focusing on Will completely in some of those moments because my blood pressure was making me feel funny, but overall it was ok and thankfully didn't last long.
holding him for the first time
give me that baby! :)
Once Will was cleaned up a bit they handed him to Wes and we were able to meet him. It was an amazing moment. I'll never forget his brown hair. How when I first saw him I thought he was such a unique little person. He reminded me of both Chase and Christian at times but also someone completely different and new.
How exciting to think about who this little guy will become one day.
overjoyed! (at least 2 of us!)
Wes pushing the button to turn on Brahm's lullaby, played each time a baby is born in the hospital.
We were in recovery quickly, and I was able to nurse Will within the first hour of birth, something that I was hoping would happen, and it went smoothly. Aside from my nose being super itchy from the meds, I felt pretty good!
{clockwise from the top:}
Wes, me and Will with my awesome doctor
bath time
first snuggles
The hospital stay is of course a blur. We had so many awesome nurses caring for us, and Will is nursing great and sleeping in 3-4 hour chunks of time at night.
Mimi, Pop and Grandma took great care of Chase so that we could focus on Will and enjoy those first precious days with him. (More on big brother and our family meeting him soon!)
It was so nice to have that time with Wes and Will and just heal and bond.
The recovery this time around has been MUCH easier. I was up and moving around that next morning and able to start taking little walks here and there as well.
I couldn't (and still can't) believe he is finally here, that he is ours and God has blessed us with another healthy boy to raise here on Earth.
We are so grateful!



The Beckers said...

He's precious! Congrats, Buente family! XOXO

Tara said...

I'm in tears reading this. I'm so happy for you guys!

Erin said...

Thank you Kady and Tara!! We are overjoyed!

The Christmans said...

Congratulations Buentes! Couldn't be more happy for you!

The Christmans said...

Congratulations Buentes! Couldn't be more happy for you!

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