Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Little Boy

So we have about a month left in this pregnancy. I am finding myself so overcome with emotion when I look at Chase. I am so THANKFUL. Thankful that I am his Mom, thankful that he is healthy, thankful that I have been so blessed to stay home and be with him for four years. He is my heart, my little buddy - and I can't imagine life without him. He is such a gift from God.
 I know that I have more than enough love to go around when this new little one comes. I have no doubt I will figure out life with two (living) children. But my heart does ache a little in knowing that our time together, just he and I, is coming to an end. We sure have fun together!
I want to freeze time and just hold Chase in my arms the way I did when he was a baby. I'm sure any mother would agree that she would give anything to go back and hold her children as newborns. I have such sweet memories of those tiring days, and I wouldn't trade them for
I have this need to pack in all of these "one-on-one" memories with Chase. I want to take him places and do fun things and create memories with him, when really we've been doing that all along. It's only that now they seem so fleeting. We will have a new little friend to join us very soon, and I just can't wait for the adventures that await us all.
The best is yet to come!



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