Sunday, March 3, 2013

Calling All Superheroes! {Chase's 4th Birthday Party}

 Chase's Superhero party was held at My Gym. 
 It was so fun to see him playing with all of his friends and just being his silly self!
We are so blessed with this group: play group friends (who we first met at breastfeeding support group!) and newer friends from school that Chase has formed bonds with. 
I am so happy he has them to grow up with!  
They played hard!
Attacking Mr. Kendall
then Daddy!

This group was SO well behaved and listened so intently!
Pick your favorite Super Hero cupcake!
When the party plans first started, Chase mentioned wanting a cake with Spiderman and Batman. Well, each week it would be a different guy: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Green Lantern.
I quickly devised a plan that would make all the 4 year olds happy!
Happy Birthday to you...
Chase sure was serious when everyone sang!
All of the kiddos got to go on the zipline a few times as well. This was Chase's favorite part. I was so impressed with how brave all of the kids were.
Their faces were priceless, so much so that I had to include a photo of each child riding in the thank you notes. :)
My favorite part of the party was when Chase got on the swing and all of his friends lined up to clap and sing Happy Birthday to him. It was so sweet that I got all teared up!
He was so happy, as these photos and video show. :)
Singing for Chase

Party Details:
I made the invitations this year, that was a lot of fun.
Treat bags for friends included a sampling of Chase's favorite things: finger lights/lasers, superman gummies, glow sticks, superhero stickers and a superhero mask!
A thank you note was included in the bags.
The welcome sign used to greet guests.
Fruit kabobs became "superhero swords," cones made from comic books held the pirate's booty "power puffs," and pb & j's were "super stars!"
The menu of cupcakes and snacks was SIMPLE and I loved it. :)

I would highly recommend a party at My Gym. Chase loves going there on a regular basis, but the party was truly unique in that they played games and did things they don't normally do. I loved how Mr. Kendall made Chase feel special all while interacting with all of the kids!
 Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a special weekend for Chase!

Happy Birthday you big FOUR year old!


Annie said...

It looks like y'all had a fabulous time celebrating Chase's birthday! Happy belated birthday, Chase!

Nikki Benz said...

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