Friday, March 1, 2013

4 years {an update}

Chase is officially four.
He is one awesome kid! :)
For documentation purposes, I wanted to do an update since we don't do the big brown chair photos anymore!
He is loving school and learning a lot.
 We had a successful parent teacher conference and we are so happy with his school and teachers. It has been a huge blessing. His teacher says he is a "boy's boy" and it has been so great to see him form bonds with boys and girls in his class. I love hearing him come home and tell me what he learned and did that day, and who he sat by at lunch.
I've been working on Kindergarten high frequency/sight words the past two weeks and Chase can now read about 10 of them. We are also working on recognizing them in text, which he gets so excited about! Once we learn a few more we can start some great sight word games. Here is a quick video of some of the words we are working on.
His 4 year check up went well. 86% height and 42% for weight. Milestones all accounted for, and we are so thankful for his health. He still has the "trigger thumb" on each hand and we will be doing the surgery sometime this year to correct it. Luckily it is quick but he will have to be put under which makes me sweat just thinking about. Thankfully it hasn't affected fine motor skills or writing but does cause him some trouble when snapping/zipping up after the restroom.
Chase has become more and more of a picky eater in the past 6 months or so. I'm trying my best to not be a short order cook. His doctor tells me it is my job to put the food in front of him, and his job to eat it. He has gotten better at eating what we eat, he is a sloooow eater - anyone have tips for that? I tried a timer but it only made him anxious and I don't won't him tying eating/food to anxiety!
 It definitely tests your patience. Luckily most days we aren't in a hurry! :)
We no longer nap (with the exception of maybe 1-2 flukes a month) and sleep around 11 hours at night.
I am HAAAAAPPY (that's me singing!) to report that for about a month now, Chase hasn't been night waking.
We have turned a corner. I wasn't sure if it was a phase or more of a way of life as it has been since October. But one day Wes just said you can't come to get us, we will come to you. And ever since those words, something clicked with him. He will call for us in the morning, and there have only been a handful of times when he called for us in the night. No more coming into our bedroom though. Thank GOODNESS this appears to have stopped, especially with baby brother coming.
Prayers answered!
Other than school and gymnastics once a week, we are lying low around here. We finished up swim lessons and enjoy "free" days with not much to do besides a few errands or having a pajama day at home.
This boy loves to play.
Monster trucks. Super heroes. Transformers. Legos. Board Games. Tag. Dancing. Snacks.
Watching Octonauts or Max and Ruby. (You have to cut him off, he'd watch all day if allowed)
Here are some photos of our silly boy doing what he does best!
And a quick view of his latest dance moves (to the Chipmunks of course!)


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