Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chase is Four

Where has the time gone?

I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or what but the days surrounding his big day had me feeling super emotional.
Left me thinking about a lot.

How this little guy has completely stolen my heart.
How he makes me laugh so hard and surprises me and teaches me things every day.
How the last four years have been the fastest years of my life. And the best!
How he has shown me such love and compassion and more grace than I deserve.
Being his Mom is a huge blessing, and as we celebrate another year with him, I am more and more grateful that God blessed us with Chase.

Here's his actual birthday in photos....more on his superhero party later!
We started the morning with sprinkle pancakes.

He loves to blow out the candles!
We also had a doctor visit that day (no shots!).
He was so excited to see how tall and big he was!
(86% for height and 42% for weight)
My, how things have changed...
At this point in the appointment I just got weepy, not gonna lie.
He was lying on the same table he was at for his newborn appointment, in the same Where The Wild Things Are themed room, but he was HUGE!

We stopped at My Gym to play and Target for a snack and a new Dr. Seuss book.
The weather was so awesome that day we went to the park by our house!
We headed to McAlister's for dinner, Chase's choice!
That evening Chase got to open his present from Mom and Dad: The Bat Cave.
He is one happy guy. :)
Happy Birthday sweet boy!


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