Thursday, July 26, 2012

BFFs, Baby Showers and Boils

What a title huh?
That just about covers my last weekend and this week.
Pop and Grandma came in to visit and Wes and I had a date night! Then Saturday they took Chase to the children's museum. Chase had a blast!
fun with Pop and Grandma!

Saturday afternoon I headed to Louisville. I got to see my brother and neices for dinner, and then Mom and I spent a wonderful evening out together, just her and I. We had the best time!
love these girls!

pedis with momma

Sunday I met my BFF since 4th grade, Dinah, for lunch.
We had so much to catch up on and a three hour lunch was just what we needed. Dinah is due with baby # 3 - a girl - in November! I'm so excited for them! 
My forever friend.

That afternoon was my college friend Sarah's baby shower where I saw lots of my old sorority sisters.
 Me with the momma-to-be, due in just a little over a month!

What a fun, but busy weekend!

Where does the boil part fit in you say?!
Chase had what looked like a bug bite on his leg last Thursday.
(circled to keep track of size!)

Friday I took him in to his Dr. and she diagnosed it as a boil and put him on an antibiotic. It looked better Saturday morning but then that afternoon Wes called and said it had a red streak coming from it. This was one of those "call if you see this happen" things the doctor had mentioned. We called and were told to keep an eye on it. It started to improve until Tuesday morning when Chase had a mysterious streak/rash up the inner part of his leg, on the same leg as the boil.
that'll freak a momma out.

The boil is now almost completely healed, so we took him in yesterday (Wednesday) and two doctors looked at him and were perplexed. Not what this worrisome momma wanted to hear. While the doctors discussed it, and I nearly had an anxiety attack, they finally decided to give him a new antibiotic. They mentioned cellulitis, but found it odd that it wasn't warm to the touch nor was Chase running a fever, which usually goes along with that. They DID think it was a good thing that he wasn't running a fever. We still aren't exactly sure what's going on, but today it looked much better. We are praying that it's nothing serious and it continues to improve. Yesterday I was a Web MD/symptom googling wreck. I am such a worry wart and can let my mind go to the worst places if I allow it.
So for now we wait and hope it continues to get better.
God is good and He's got this!


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