Friday, May 4, 2012

March for Babies {Thank You}

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Team Christian Henry!

We have raised over $1,600 dollars in his memory!
Thank you for donating to such an awesome cause in his honor.

The Hamilton County March for Babies raised a total of $41,500 this year, and donations are still being accepted through the end of June!

The day of the walk was COLD. In the low 40's. With rain. And wind. And my Mom's car broke down on the way to town and she didn't make it. I felt so defeated as we began the day, but we braved the weather and had a good time!

A girl from my MOPS group made the shirts for us. They read "Walking in honor of Christian Henry Buente, Forever Loved, Forever Missed, April 26th, 2011, Psalm 139:13-14." And they had his actual footprints on them, which I love.
We actually should have ordered sweatshirts given the weather.

Representing Team Christian!
Grandma Buente, Wes, Chase (thrilled), Me, Liz and Nic
And many of you were there in spirit!
Chase "strolled" the walk in honor of his little brother.
He was very content in there and wanted to be covered up with his blankets.A big thanks to Grandma Buente who drove to Indy and back to Evansville in one day, for the race - amazing!
After the race, Mimi came up - thank you Greg for picking her up and bringing her for a visit! :)

And yes, Chase is in his big boy underwear. We were doing some potty training. But that is another story for another day.


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