Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Barbershop

Chase needed another haircut. I tried taking him to the place we went for the 1st one. Well, he remembered, and it was ugly. He was SCREAMING as I got him out of the carseat to go in. I gave it a "not worth it," we left and talked about how we'd try it again later. Later ended up being that evening, when we told Chase he could go to the place where "Daddys" and "big boys" go. He was all for it. And it surprised us both when he didn't shed a tear and actually seemed to enjoy himself!

Lollipops and train tables afterwards.

It's shorter for summer and he looks so big to me.
They even used electric trimmers. He giggled and said it "felt like a zerbert!" He even got a hot towel and a massage. It was the REAL DEAL of haircuts. :)


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