Friday, January 20, 2012

First Haircut

It was inevitable. We knew the time would come. He IS almost three. The whispy behind the ear loveliness that I have grown so found of had run its course. The day arrived. I mentally prepared myself for it. The questions were overwhelming.

Would they butcher it?

Would he look like he had a cereal bowl cut?

Would he all of a sudden look like he was FOUR?
The morning of the haircut his fluffy "wings" behind his ears were in full force. I miss them terribly.

Wes and I debated taking him to the usual kid's place for a haircut because we didn't want to make a big fuss and deal of it and therefore make him more nervous. So we didn't talk about it too much, didn't say the word "cut" and instead went with "trim." :)

He did ok. He was super excited about sitting in the Thomas the Train chair. He even allowed the nice lady to put the apron on. But when she started wetting his hair, forget it. The tears and crying came. So we took a break, switched to an elephant chair, and just continued the hair "trim" anyway. The crying eventually subsided and turned into more of a fake whine, and we knew we were ok.

Balloons make every sad situation better too.

The results?
100% handsome.


crystal said...

He is so handsome :) Love the new cut!!!

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