Friday, May 25, 2012

3 and a quarter {39 months}

So, I'm done with the monthly updates. Sometimes things don't change much in 4 weeks, and trying to get a brown chair photo and an update monthly was hard enough. So we are doing them quarterly now. I think doing 36 months worth is good enough for documentation's sake, right? :)

Since turning 3, when Chase meets someone new, he shares, "I had a pirate party." As in, that's what he tells them right off the bat. Not "hello, I'm Chase." but "I had a pirate party!" ha ha Must have left an impression on him. I'm taking it as a compliment.
This is how you can find Chase at some point each day. He calls it "stacking the movies." He found his stash of DVDs and he's not going back. He gets them out, stacks them up, sorts them by color, lines them up, you get the picture? Madness I tell you, madness. If we've had a busy "out of the house" morning he will RUN to these when we get home. I don't get it. But he loves it, so whatever. I mean, look at his face - totally in heaven with his movies. And he's never even seen half of them. ha!
Our latest garage sale find was a Woody costume for $1.00!
found him here one morning
first time with a silly straw

first time wearing earphones (and needing a haircut, geesh bed head!)
 playing in the sheets
first visit from the ice cream truck!
What can I say?
I love this boy with all I am.
He makes me laugh so hard with how SILLY he can be. I love that he doesn't always take life so seriously. Don't get me wrong, he has his moments where he can be sensitive about silly things, but overall he is laid back. His vocabulary and using words like eleventeen and lasterday are my favorites. We taught him that more than one cactus could be called "cacti," so when he saw an ant the other day he told me, "Hey, that can be called ANTI because there's two." I don't know where he comes up with it.
Another day we were talking about the weather and how somedays it is windy, others are snowy, and some days it is sunny. He perked up and said, yes! And some days are moony. :)

Chase sleeps around 12 hours at night and he naps about 50% of the time. He is still in the crib so he'll stay in there for a good two hours for not so quiet time regardless. I think we are going to be transitioning him into a big boy bed this summer now that he is going on the potty. This way if he needs to get up to go, he can. I pray that is a smooth transition. Part of me wants to leave him in his crib since there's no rush. He is such a wonderful sleeper that I'm scared that could change.
He's doing awesome with #1 on the potty and we are now accident free for almost a month. It. has. been. awesome.

We had our last MOPS meeting for the year last week and we are still going to gymnastics once a week. He LOVES it. Here's a cute video from my phone of him last week on the zip line:

In just three short months my baby will be off to preschool twice a week.
Here's to a great summer!


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