Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Dentist Visit

Chase had his first dentist visit this week. I had asked my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group for recommendations and Dr. Ana came highly recommended. If you are in the area, contact me and I can give you more info. She and her staff were amazing. I chose a couple days in advance to "prep" Chase and tell him we were going, but I didn't want to make too big of a deal about it. I just told him we'd go and she would look in his mouth, count his teeth and see what an awesome job he is doing.

The office decor was incredible. Looks like the beach, complete with beach chairs in the waiting room, parrots and other birds hanging from the trees inside, and wouldn't you know they have an awesome water fountain right outside their office? This scored major points with Chase.

We didn't have to wait long at all, which was awesome. We were in and out in 30 minutes, so you know they are doing something right! All of the staff were super friendly and knew all the right things to say, they definitely cater to the young ones, which is what I knew we needed with Chase. I wanted his first experience to be a happy one.

He was so brave! The first thing he did was pick out his new Buzz Lightyear toothbrush (I mean, come on, how do they know these things?!) and then he sat in my lap facing me and then he layed his head down in the hygenist's lap while she did the cleaning. I thought FOR SURE he'd cry, and they said they always anticipate it, but he was awesome. He had a for sure worried look, but never got upset. They even flossed! Since he did so well, they decided they'd try to get the x-rays done. He got to "ride" in the chair and that was fun. Things started to get questionable when they moved the big camera near his face after they placed the "super cape" onto him. He got that "what is going on" look with his eyebrows raised - a look that I know well and then he just put his little face in his hands and the tears came out. They stopped immediately and said no big deal, we will try it again next time. And that was that!
That face. So worried. I felt bad documenting it. :(

Next we saw the Dr. She was great. Looked in with the mirror and "picky thing" and made a big fuss over his 20 teeth. She did a quick flouride treatment and it was goody bag time for Mr. Chase.

I was so proud.
This is his "Mom, I'm over this" face.

On the way home, he kept asking "why do those ladies wear those things on their mouths?" He was asking about their masks, it always makes me laugh over what he remembers.

Our goody bag had a fun beach ball, some stickers, and of course his new toothbrush. We had to brush our teeth again before our nap today and when I put him in his crib he said "When my teeth are stinky again I will brush them with that new toothbrush!"


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