Sunday, April 1, 2012

Meeting Ree

Ahh, cross one off the bucket list.

I met The Pioneer Woman.
I stood in line in the hot sun for 2 hours before going inside the local Kroger store. Wes was out of town last week so I had Chase in tow. He hung out in the stroller with LOTS of snacks and things to keep him busy. The iTouch and fun new apps with Diego and Green Eggs and Ham were our friends! He was a TROOPER in every sense of the word...and we even skipped a nap for Ree. :)  I had several people compliment Chase on his good behavior and I was such a proud Momma.
 Chatting about her life-changing pizza dough and how tall Mr. Chase is!

Meeting her was super fun. I had her sign both my cookbooks, the old one and my newly purchased one (which is awesome by the way!) Chase told her he liked to help me make pizza, which was super cute.
 It was a very long afternoon but worth it for the memories with Chase.

While I was there, I was also able to meet another friend that I met online, Shey. Shey and I first met online in a support group. Shey lost her first daugher Whitney in 2010. She also designed Christian's birth announcements for me. We've shared a lot over the past year and she has helped me so much in my journey. Meeting her little girl Gia and seeing Shey in person was wonderful. As we hugged goodbye we shared how easy it would be for us to "go there" with our emotions, knowing what both of us have gone through - so we kept it light! Shey, I'm hoping we can hang out again soon, this time somewhere else besides the International foods aisle! :)


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