Friday, March 23, 2012


There's something of a witching hour at our house. It used to be late evening when Chase was an infant. A time when he was a bit fussier than normal.
Now it's the time between waking up from a nap and before Daddy is home. It's like he knows Daddy will be playing with him soon and Momma just won't do! I'm always looking for something to occupy him. We are on a NO TV kick and have gone about 2 weeks with only an hour of viewing. (Hooray! We were getting very whiny about it so it had to stop!)

I often turn to baking and cooking to keep my little guy busy. Aunt Meredith got us a fun muffin baking kit for Chase's birthday, complete with a cute little apron. We had so much fun!

 Once he discovered he could mix with his hands, it was ON!

The boy can whisk!


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