Saturday, March 24, 2012

TIDWTF {Tough Conversations}

Sometimes bedtime prayers can be complicated.

Tonight as I put Chase to bed, we thanked God for the awesome day and prayed for another pretty day to spend together with Mommy, Daddy and Chase. The conversation went like this:

Chase: "and Lilly!"
Me: "yes, and Lilly too!"
Chase: "And Christian!" (I love that Chase includes his little brother and knows he is part of our family!)
Me: "Oh, yes - I sure wish he could be here to spend the day with us."
Chase: "Sometimes you cry."
Me: "Yes, Chase, sometimes I do. I miss him. But when I am with you I am happy."
Chase: "He can't see you."
Me: "What do you think? Do you think Christian can see us from heaven?"
Chase: "mmm hmm!" "But you can't see him from the house."
Me: "no, Mommy can't. But one day we all will be able to see each other and be together."
Chase: "I'm not leaving." (he also said something about how "he leaved" that broke my heart.)
Me: "no, not for a long, long time."

His innocence overwhelms me, and I am amazed at what he seems to understand at the tender age of 3 and the things that he says to me. It is like God is ministering to my heart through my sweet Chase.

Thank God for the truth that we will all be reunited as a family one day. My hope is in knowing that this is all just a prelude to what's to come!


Kelli said...

Oh, sweet Chase. It simultaneously warms and breaks my heart when Evan talks about his brother, too. Hugs!

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