Sunday, January 22, 2012

{Stories by Eric Carle}

Wes and I took Chase to his first "show" last week, "Stories by Eric Carle." It was about 50 minutes long and featured three stories: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me. It was held at Clowe's Hall on Butler's campus.
waiting patiently

Chase loved it. It was basically the books read aloud with all the characters as "puppets" and was set to music as well. The puppets were painted bright colors that glowed in black lights set up around the stage. We sat three rows back, and it was just perfect.
my dates, courtesy of my phone

very short video I wasn't supposed to take took

It was a "no-hushing" show. Which was great, because Chase had lots of funny comments throughout the show and loved clapping for each of the characters. He gave it 5 stars!


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