Tuesday, January 24, 2012

35 months

We have been blessed with 35 months with our little boy. We have cherished them all!

Yay, I'm almost 3!

Chase is doing well. We are currently researching and touring preschools, which seems impossible. I can't believe they do enrollment for the fall right now, but they do. We feel blessed to have so many great options in our area. I'm trying not to stress too much about it. I just want Chase to have a positive first "school" experience: to love going, like his teachers, and be in a loving, caring, positive environment where he will be challenged, have lots of fun, and learn of Jesus' love for him from Godly teachers and staff. Is that so much to ask?! Please pray that God leads us to the right school where all of these needs will be met.

Not much new around here. Chase has asked for a pirate birthday party, so we have been pinning some ideas on Pinterest for his party and talking about cakes. He has been to several birthday parties for friends recently so he knows the drill and is getting very excited for his own party! Naps are still hit or miss, I'd say he naps 65% of the time. He still stays in his crib even if he doesn't nap, for not so quiet time. He's still loving the library and gymnastics time.
We are working on our manners when two adults are talking. Not sure where it came from, but when Wes and I are talking during lunch or dinner, Chase will announce "No, you need to talk to me!" It's hard to explain "waiting your turn" to a toddler, but we are getting there. He also announced this on a few preschool tours...that was fun. :)

Here are some recent photos of our ALMOST 3 year old!

Henry, Matthew and Chase: The three amigos at Alyssa's 3rd birthday swimming party

Helping me make some cookies for book club

With his buddy Matthew at Bryce's 3rd bday party
naps and sweet cheeks.


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