Saturday, November 12, 2011

Magic Milk and Head Colds

We had a low-key week at home while Chase and I both fought head colds. Wes was traveling for work for a few days too so we just took it easy. It was good to stay in and not do much. I've tried to have one and sometimes two days each week that we don't get out of the house. Sometimes that can be challenging if a certain someone is feeling cranky, but I have found that when I slow down, I enjoy all the little things so much more. I'm trying to stick with it!


We tried a fun project (found on pinterest of course!) this week called Magic Milk. I may have enjoyed it as much as Chase.

For this, you'll need milk, food coloring, dish soap and a toothpick. I like this experiment because you most likely have all of these things on hand already. Skim milk doesn't work as well as 2%. I actually used some half and half that was expired (hey we didn't drink the stuff!) and it worked really well!
I put the milk in a tupperware lid and then put drops of food coloring in. Note this is the first one we did and I put WAY too much in. You really only need one drop of each color, maybe two. It still worked, it just turned the milk a darker color faster.

Then you just dip a toothpick (or a plastic straw in our case as I was out) into the dishsoap and then into the food coloring drop. It makes the color "move and swirl" around. Chase was amazed!

A little work of art!

We repeated this (with new milk each time of course) about 4 times. It kept Chase's attention for a good 20-25 minutes. I call that a success!


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