Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Love Wednesday {Catching up with good friends}

We all have them. Those friends we don't see very often at all but when they walk through the door you are right back where you picked up. That's how it is with my college girlfriends. We met through ADPi sorority, and they are THE BEST. They have made me laugh, given me advice, wiped my tears, and just shared life with me through the years.

I got to see them them this past weekend! The sun and moon and stars have to align just right for all of us to be able to make it to the same place at the same time, and they did. And it was great. Love you girls!

 Our group at dinner. And the only group shot we took. I was terrible at taking photos that night. Too busy talking. Next time girls, next time.
Sarah, sweet Sarah. Love you to the moon and back. Sarah and I became fast friends our freshman year as we bonded over drama with our roommates. We pledged together and have been friends ever since. Sarah also took me to the ER Saturday morning after I was up all night with food poisoning. (TOLD YOU it was a bad day! I'm feeling much better now. Never eating Wendy's again - ever.) Thank you Sarah for taking care of me and listening to me for the 4 hours we were there. You are the kind of friend people wish they had. And I am blessed to call you mine!

Me and Jenni. She's the best at keeping in touch. She never misses an important date, EVER. And she'll send a card "just because" right on the day you need it. (How do you do that?) She is so gifted in caring for others, plus she is completely responsible for Wes and I meeting! Need I say more?


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