Thursday, October 27, 2011

32 months

Chase is 32 months old. Not too many things have changed from last month but I wanted to post some photos for my own memory keeping! Chase has really been into all the Halloween decorations in the stores: ghosts, witches and Frankenstein to name a few. He spotted a Frankenstein at the grocery a few weeks ago and now we go on a Frankenstein hunt each week! He talks so much now that it's hard to remember things before he was so chatty! I love that I can talk to him and recall things that we've done with him. He is big on asking "Why?" and "Where'd that come from?" these days! It's fun to be in the car with him because he loves to tell you the things he sees: firetrucks, tractors and water fountains being favorites. Here are some good ol' pics in the brown chair and a few more from our week. Props courtesy of Grandma and Pop, thank you! He LOVES his tractor and combine!

"reading" with friends. I thought it was very thoughtful that Lilly got a book too.

all clean after bath

fun with a macaroni skeleton craft
love those cheeks.


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