Thursday, August 11, 2011

ER: Round 2

ER, Visit #2
Sunday, August 7th, 2011

Sunday night we headed to the ER for the 2nd time since THIS visit back in late January. Same ailment: busted lip after falling. This time it was against the entertainment center. Poor guy slipped and hit it so hard the DVD player slid back against the wall. There were tears, blood, an Elmo youtubed (is that a word?) video and a popsicle while we called the pediatrician to confirm that we should go on in. Better safe than sorry.

We were relieved that the doctor on call said he did not recommend stitching this one. Chase had a cut on the inside and the outside leading me to think the tooth had gone through, but this time it had not. Whew! What a relief.
Chase is so brave. There were tears, but they stopped long enough for him to enjoy a wagon ride from check-in to his room. They resumed when the doctor had to examine him. It was nothing a few Nemo stickers and an ice cream afterwards couldn't fix.
As we left I told them again, no offense, but we hope we never see you again!


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