Monday, August 29, 2011

2 1/2 Years!

I'm about 2 weeks behind with this post, but here we are, at 2 1/2 years old! A friend in my Mom's group told me that she saw the biggest change from age 2 to 2 1/2 and I have to agree. Mainly, this relates to language development and sentence structure for us. Chase has gone from 4 word sentences to upwards of 10 or more. For example, one morning last week we were getting ready to eat breakfast and I was getting his sippy cup filled while he sat and ate. He said to me, "Mommy, you come over. Here! Eats yours breakfasts with me's!"

Some other funny things I've written down on a post-it so I don't forget: I dropped something in the kitchen and he came in and held his hands out and said "Yeah, that happens Mommy." It really makes you realize what you are saying!
The other day I heard him playing and talking in his room. I snuck in his doorway to see and he was talking to himself in the mirror saying "How are you?" "No, how are you?" (We are working on manners and asking others how they are when we see them!)
He also has developed a funny sense of humor and will "joke" and call me Daddy (ie. "Watch this Daddy!") and look at me and laugh. Sooo funny he is!
He is also acquiring a sense of time. So for many things he will say "Oh, maybe later!" or "After me's nap?"

Chase is still napping 2-3 hours a day and sleeps from about 8:30 pm to 7:30/8 am. He loves to spend time outside and play with his Daddy! He loves his playgroup and likes to talk about his friends and will pray for them at night. I have recently started teaching him a few scripture verses and right now it's mostly a "fill in the last word" sort of thing. We are working on Psalm 118:24!

30 month rundown:
Favorite toys: Handy Manny singing tool set we scored at a garage sale recently for $3, books, trains
Favorite foods: yogurt, cheese sticks, milk (he could drink it all day if we let him) New foods he has tried and LOVED include tomatoes and mushrooms (sometimes I don't know where he came from) He has also decided that he likes mustard on his chicken nuggets.
New things: swinging for more than 1 minute in the toddler swing (big accomplishment for us!), going long periods of time with a dry diaper, jumping - not really new but he LOVES to jump!
Favorite songs: He always requests I sing "You Are My Sunshine" at night, and recently "Noel", yes - Noel the Christmas Carol. I sang it once for him and apparently I sound good. :) He also still loves "Jelly Man Kelly" by James Taylor and "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar
New things he says:
"Vita-yum" for vitamin
"Oh, you need help Mommy?!"

Our 2 1/2 year appointment went well. Having a healthy child is not something we take for granted! He cried when they weighed him (don't we all cry sometimes when we get on the scale?!) and then he calmed down for the exam. He weighs around 29 lbs and is 37 inches tall.
Here are a few recent pics of our big 2 1/2 year old...
Golfing with Daddy...

Just LOOK at that follow through! This kid has form.

Picnic in the park...I love how he is looking at Wes
Bath time!

Mommy blowing bubbles off of her nose: always a hit!


"Fixing stuff" with his Handy Manny tools.


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