Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday Chase

Chase turned 7 this past week and we have been celebrating for weeks! Here are some photos from the fun we've had celebrating our big boy!

 Pop and Grandma came in for the weekend and we went to dinner with Rob & Krystle and all the boys to Red Robin.

 Birthday Lunch with the birthday boy! (Little brother thought he was big stuff!)
 Our awesome neighbors surprised Chase with a new basketball!

 Lunch with Daddy on Friday!
Cousins Breanna and Ava surprised Chase with a visit! They rang the doorbell after Mimi & Greg came inside and hid. Chase LOVED this surprise! They had so much fun together.

 We all went to Chase's basketball came and then to dinner. The Hibachi grill was a big hit. Will wasn't sure at first but warmed up to Chef Joe after a while.

 Chase had a "donuts and pj's" bounce birthday party with his friends on Saturday morning.

Sweet Chase,
It doesn't seem possible that you are already 7. We love watching you grow into a sweet, silly, caring, bright young man. You love your little brother so much and are such a good big brother. You guys love to play hide-and-seek and wrestle. You LOVE your Legos more than any toy right now and can build a huge set in a matter of hours! You seem to enjoy engineering/building type toys the most. You are currently playing basketball and will play baseball in the spring. You love to be active and be with your friends. You are doing great in school, above average in reading and a phenomenal speller (which makes this momma so proud)! You enjoy art out of all the special areas, and you enjoy playing games on the Wii, fire or iPad on the weekends. You are still night waking every now and then but usually go right back to sleep. Your favorite foods are pizza, fruit, cereal and pb & js. You love anything sweet!

Happy Birthday sweet Chase Mark, we love you so very much and thank God for you daily.
-Mommy and Daddy


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