Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Catching up...

We've had a great February and I need to catch up the blog!

We've had lots of fun playdates, visits to the Children's museum with friends, trips to My Gym for Will and Chase finished up his Ninja class. I've been enjoying MOPS the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month while Will is at school and the other days I volunteer for a few hours in Chase's classroom. Here are some photos!

 Basketball with his buddy Ashton
 playdate with old friends - the older kiddos met as infants in breastfeeding support group! :)
 Dinner with the Linns. Alexis and I were sorority sisters at EKU and now our boys are best buds and in the same class at school.
 Dinner club!
 More of basketball, Wes is coaching and this is Chase's first year in the Upward league.
 Potting training is going great!
 Another lunch visit with Chase!
 Wes took Chase to a Purdue basketball game and they checked out the campus, while me and Will checked out a new local park.

 Enjoying a warmer day on our bikes!
My monkey at My Gym!

 I attended the IF:Gathering at a local church with some friends and Wes and the other Dads held down the forts at home!

 Super Bowl party at the Edward's house!
 Will and I took a tour of Jack's donuts with my MOPS group and got to decorate a donut. He rocked his hair net :)
 He and Maddy always have a fun time together.

 The Children's museum on a flex day from school with cousins Luke and Logan and friends!
Chase and his best friend Will were picked up from school by Officer Wynn and taken to Handel's for ice cream. Will's Dad won this "experience" at a work event auction and Will chose Chase to ride along. They were SO excited to report back that they got to see a real gun, handcuffs, and the backseat windows rolled ALL the way down.  :) Love them and their friendship!


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