Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The rest of our summer... no particular order!

 Golf camp - Chase loved it!
 playing in the rain
 fun trip to the Children's museum
 Chase and I on a Mommy/son date to get school supplies (and a cake pop!)
 a playdate with some Kindergarten friends!

 another VBS
 Hamilton Country Fair
Out on Geist with friends (we got caught in a downpour!)

Monon Center fun
Chase rode the Flow Rider for the first time and did GREAT!

 Children Museum fun with the Roberts girls!
 Will's first movie: Paddington Bear!
Will really surprised me with how well he did, he got a little wiggly with around 20 minutes to go.
 Seeds Family Worship concert with The Coffeys!

 Goldfish Swim pool was closed for repairs, so we hit up Orange Leaf instead!
 Conner Prairie with friends
Chase had to get x-rays during a recent ER visit after complaining about stomach pain for a couple of days. This was on the 2nd day of school. We were there for about 4 hours and he had to endure some tough stuff including some things to "clean him out". He is feeling much better, praise God it was nothing serious.

 Our brave boy!
 Soccer started - Chase is on the Tsunami team this year with his friend Kensley!

State Fair FUN!

 cool creek park nature center for storytime
 big boy haircut
 checking out our butterfly larvae
 learning to take selfies

swing silliness

 trying out a new park!
 Fun with Hudson at his birthday party
 RARE snuggles after nap
 Christian's tree is getting so big!
 Fun playdate at the 100 Acre Woods

Chase lost his 2nd tooth!
 last dip in the pool!
 fun with Cousins
 fun visit to Louisville
 putt putt for the first time, what a fun night! Thank goodness Will's putter was plastic. #yikes

fun with friends at dinner club
Fall: We are (well, some of us anyway) are ready for you!


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