Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Lion King

Wes surprised us at Christmas with tickets to see my favorite musical, The Lion King, in Louisville. The best part is that we took Chase and shared that with him. It was such a special night with our big boy!
Thanks for watching little Will for us Mimi! :)
We surprised Chase with dinner before at The Old Spaghetti Factory and we had a table in the trolley car reserved.
He loved it!

Kentucky Center for the Arts.
I remember as a child going here for plays/events and these sculptures were on display outside!

With his stuffed Pumba

 Excited for the big show to start. It began at 8:00, AKA BEDTIME! LOL
Chase did great. A few times near the end and listening to a few slower songs I thought he might nod off. We left the center around 10:40 and he was asleep within 2 minutes on the way back to Mimi's!

 The cousins also got in some time together!
Reading his fairytale for everyone.

Pretending to nap with Breanna.


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