Friday, April 10, 2015

First Tooth Lost!

I remember the day that little tooth popped through on the bottom. It was one week after his 6 month well visit. I remember yelling for Wes to come look! He has a tooth!
And on Wednesday, April 1st, he brought that same little tooth to me in a baggie when I picked him up from school!
I was a big pile of mush (and a few tears!) thinking about just how fast he is growing up.
He was at school playing when it fell out. He asked the teacher to pull it and she tried but didn't think it was quite ready. I was surprised as well because I thought he had a few more days! He started wiggling it and then he actually pulled it out himself later that afternoon. His teacher said he was pretty matter-of-fact about it. This photo was taken right before it happened! :)
The first tooth is so exciting!
Chase used my tooth fairy pillow from when I was a child and she left a dollar and a teeny tiny note. He was so excited. My favorite part was when we asked him who was on his dollar and he was so excited he replied George Lincolnton. So cute!


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