Tuesday, February 24, 2015

{Will's first haircut}

I knew the time was coming...
When I would have to take my baby in for his first haircut.
It was starting to get crazy long and get in his eyes and bother him -- so I took a deep breath and made the appointment for when Chase was going in.

My babies before!

The two of them sat side by side and Will did great (despite spending his nap time at the iphone store with me that day waiting to get my battery/phone replaced, YIKES!)
No tears, just a few "all dones!"

"Wait, you are gonna do WHAT with that?!"

Greg, who has done Chase's hair since Marcus moved, was SO great with him! Let him play with the comb, water bottle, etc.


 After! What a stud.
 Brother handing him the sucker I never let him actually eat. I'm so mean. :)

What a BIG handsome boy!

And I'm happy to report it still has a mind of its own!


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