Monday, December 29, 2014

Will {19 month update}

Our little mister is busier than ever!
This little guy keeps us on our toes. He loves to run, skip, jump and climb! He will let you know when he is upset or doesn't like something and then the next minute he's giving you a hug and a kiss.
His naps are entirely unpredictable. As in, if he takes one at all it could be an hour long or 3 (rare). But he likes to skip them a lot too and then he goes to bed at 6 pm.
His favorite thing is playing with brother and brother's toys. Chase is #1 on his list and the two of them have so much fun together.

loves his mower!

silly boy!
loving on his friend Maddy at bible study

my target buddy

selfies with cousin Breanna (and a ninja)

after bath cutie!

looking under the door for Daddy after he went down for work

chef Boyardee
Will is saying new words every day. He now says "babel" for bagel, noodle, "tee-tull" for turtle and playdoh.
He loves to imitate animal sounds such as a monkey, elephant (his favorite!), owl, tiger, pig, sheep, dog and lion.
He also really loves twinkle twinkle and will "sing" the tune.
Sometimes I hear him in his crib in the morning singing.
Will is sleeping 12-14 hours a night, thank goodness he catches up on sleep when he doesn't nap. We are still nursing and he has been feeling good after his tube surgery. He had some drainage after a cold a few weeks ago but got over it quickly.
life is hard when Mommy won't let you touch the stove.
 I am so mean!

He loves to CHEESE!

having an awesome hair day and reading with Daddy before bed.


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