Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas at our House

This was our second year spending Christmas Eve and morning at home with the boys.
Having these memories and creating traditions with them is so important to us.
We went to Christmas Eve service at a new church we've been going to. Chase got to worship with us, which was just incredible. And luckily there was childcare for Will. :)
When we got home we ate and opened a few presents.
We made sure we set out our cookies and milk for Santa and read The Night Before Christmas and finished the last few stories of Jesus' birth. We also went outside in the driveway to leave the reindeer carrots and magic reindeer food we made.
We had to go inside quickly though as we heard REAL sleigh bells near our neighbor's house a few times. Chase was worried about getting to bed soon.
"We gotta get inside NOW!!!!"
What memories!
All the excitement (and a sad & tearful goodbye to our elf Chip) must have been too much because Chase was up from 3 am to 5 am. He finally went to bed and slept in until around 8.
It was a great morning filled with excitement! And cinnamon rolls! And coffee!
Will is a morning person!

Super excited for two things from his list: a book and bath tablets! :)
a new friend for Will
 and chewy for Chase :)
 Will enjoying unwrapping gifts

Wes surprised me GOOD this year with tickets to take Chase to see the Lion King in Louisville in March. (I'm unwrapping a Lion King ornament he swiped off the tree and wrapped with the tickets.)To say I'm excited is an understatement. I have always wanted to take him - it's my favorite. Cannot wait!
* * * * * * * * * * * *
Santa left a letter telling the boys he was proud of them for knowing the true meaning of Christmas and for sharing God's love this year. He also told them there was one more present downstairs waiting for them!
"I cannot belieeeeeeve Santa brought this!"
having so much fun together!
 These two after bath. They ran around in their new jammies and Wes just cracked up at them.
Will really thought he was something!
The cutest storm troopers!
My heart swells just looking at these photos and the memories we are making.
Christmas is such a special time and I love seeing it all through their eyes.


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