Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Will {one and a half}

Oh, this boy! He is silly, spunky, ornery, sweet, busy, feisty, goofy and melts my heart!
The face he makes when you tell him to smile:
Will has been growing like a weed!
His current stats are:
Weight: 26 lbs (51%)
Height: 33 1/4 (76%)
Head: 19.5 (90%)
 He did not enjoy this last well check. He cried the moment the nurse came out and called his name. It was pretty much the roughest one so far, but it is expected at this age. He received three shots at this appointment. Everything checked out perfectly. We are SO thankful for his health.
 Will is definitely in the "don't mess with my momma" stage and ended up sitting in my lap for my last dental cleaning. That was a first.
(By the way, his hair is still THAT awesome!)
 He has new words every day and they include please (said in a very high pitched voice!), cheese, choo choo, itsy, Purdue (Dad is so proud!), poop, pee pi (peek a pie), pee pee, and tee-ta (cookie).
He loves to shake his head yes, loves to feed himself (don't even try to take his spoon!), and likes to jump and RUN! His new thing is saying No, no matter what you ask him.
Saying Purdue:

Playing with brother on one of the last warm days of fall!

Collecting pinecones

Library story time

One of his "funny faces" 
 Loves this book, and smiling for the camera!
Wanted to wear one of Daddy's workout shirts while I folded laundry!

 Loves his brother!


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