Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our friends and old neighbors Mike and Laura came over with their kiddos on Halloween. It was our 4th time trick or treating with them and it has become such a fun tradition!
(Check out past Halloweens here:  2011/2012/2013)
Ava, Chase and Ashton
I did not take a lot of great Halloween photos this year. I'm sad I forgot to get a family shot. Maybe because it was SNOWING at one point and so windy I nearly took flight with my umbrella?

We bundled up and filled our memory banks that night. The kids didn't care one bit and were troopers out there. I think we hit up around 12 houses. Neighbors were kind to us and the boys' bags were filled to the brim! Ha!


Sweet little Dalmatian!

Our handsome fire chief!

Me and Will, Laura and her bun in the oven! :)
These two had so much FUN!

 Will was all about his bag.
Once it got pretty heavy and I tried to hold it for him, I got a big "no! No! NO!" from him!!!
"Hands off my bag people!"

This is pretty much how Chase looked the rest of the weekend.
Until the Switch Witch came Sunday night and traded all that candy for new playdoh and a jumbo sticky hand toy.
I love her.


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