Sunday, August 31, 2014

Will {15 month update}

Our sweet Will is 15 months.
Things are getting so fun around here, but boy does he keep me on my toes!
 He runs now and this child is a GOAT and will climb on anything the moment you look away for a second.

He is both curious and ornery, sweet and rotten, giggly and cute and lets you know what he isn't happy about something. He has been known to throw himself down in the floor and have a little moment. :)
Will is a chatterbox and will babble on and on. He loves to imitate Chase in both actions and words.
Some of his new words include milk "meh"/ more "mo"/ hot "hah"/ no-no/ night-night/ wow (my favorite, he gets such a cute, surprised look on his face with raised eyebrows)/ uh-oh "uh-uh"/ fish "ishh"/ go "doe"/shooee (aka yucky) "shoo shoo" / water "wa wa"/ flower "fow wa"/ shoes
I am amazed how much the language develops at this age - it is just constant learning. He will attempt to say just about anything you ask him to, it's fun!

He likes the Elmo camera toy that plays music, and the Elmo stuffed animals we have that talk - and he has seen him on Sesame Street a few times and really likes him. He will climb up on the couch and say his version of Elmo and point. He also still loves balls and being outside.
He also has started signing for more, please, water and help and will hold up his hands when he needs help, usually when he wants to climb up on something.
He likes to show his teeth and do a sad face. He shakes his hands and says shoo shoo at the trash cans and toilets. He started to give kisses which are more of a lean into your face sort of thing and will give stuffed animals hugs and say "aww." He likes to have dance parties and will grunt and get excited when I turn on the speaker in the kitchen. He is also really into shutting doors.
He now has 7 teeth, cutting his newest recently when we were on vacation. He still sleeps from around 7/7:30 - 7/7:30 and is napping twice for about 1-2 hours each. I'm not quite ready to drop that second nap and he isn't showing big signs that he is ready either.
We are still nursing and he loves to eat toast, yogurt, pancakes, hummus, fruit, cheese, broccoli and green beans.

 he has conquered climbing on the couch!

little hippie on a walk 
 my Mom recently saw a photo of Will and asked me if he got a haircut.
So I sent her this photo.
library story time

brushing his teeth. with my toothbrush.

Sunday selfies

 He still isn't drinking cow's milk (or almond, soy or coconut!) and is nursing 3 times a day.
He enjoys smoothies!

 They missed each other while Chase was at school.
Will's well check was just plain sad. He cried the minute we got into the room.
His iron was on the low side at his 12 month well check so he had to have his hemoglobin checked/finger poked again (it was better!) along with 3 shots. It wasn't pretty.
He clung to me, that part I enjoyed since he isn't a snuggler. But seeing him cry is so sad.
This age is so hard for these appointments as they seem to have such anxiety.
His stats were:
Weight 23 lbs., 9 ozs. (33%)
Height 32 inches (72%)

 snacks and snuggles while watching Wild Kratts
 They love to play with the dump truck, and I love the way Will looks at Chase!
 Teething. again.
 Trying to peek under big brother's door
 My little stinkerpot!
Happy 15 months sweet Will!


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