Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Will {14 month update}

Every day something is new.
Trying to say a new word or making a funny new expression.
His favorite is definitely showing his teeth. He will do it for anyone! :)
Yep, his hair is still awesome.

His first time playing in the rain.

 First time on the trampoline at My Gym
 more rain playing

 hoarding walnuts at the park
greeting me at the door

 Climbed right in and looked at me like this. He is a CLIMBER! Like a little goat - he will try to hike his leg up onto anything to get up on top of it. Yikes!
 It's not always sunshine and rainbows though. He seems to more of a "fit thrower" than Chase. That should be interesting in the future.
 He can say hi, "hidee!", bye bye, ball, dog, woof woof, no no (and shakes his finger at you), bird, and his version of milk (which means nurse, because he still won't drink it otherwise.)

Wearing his big boy tennis shoes.
He loved walking on the tile and listening to the sound they make.

He has become much more interested in books and will bring you one to read to him.

He loves to carry things around the house, usually a ball or sippy cup.
He likes to stomp his feet and has recently started running through the house.
Usually after brother.

Happy 14 months sweet boy!


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