Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thunder Over Louisville

Last weekend we went home for Thunder over Louisville.
My Mom and Greg rented a condo on the Indiana side with amazing views!
I wasn't sure how the boys would do with the noise from the air show and fireworks, but they did awesome. Thank goodness for naps in the back bedroom and noise cancelling headphones!
My Aunt Debbie was also in town from Texas and got to meet Will. Will loved her so very much, they were best buds right from the start! Greg's son Matt was also in town for the weekend! It was a great time to catch up with family.
As usual, these three were inseparable. Watching them grow up together is priceless.
I can't believe Bre is 8 and Ava is 6!
The air show was spectacular! Chase's favorite part was seeing the Blue Angels.
 (Thanks Uncle Brad for the awesome photo!)
The fireworks show lasted a good solid half an hour and was AMAZING. Definitely the largest show any of us had ever seen. At one point, the bridge looked like it was raining fireworks at the bottom like a waterfall (top left photo), so neat!
Our view

 Thanks Mimi and Greg for a wonderful weekend!


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