Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Wes!

We celebrated Daddy's birthday all weekend!
It was great having Pop and Grandma here to celebrate as well.
Here's his big day in pictures! :)
The birthday boy at lunch at Red Sake with Pop and Grandma

Happy Birthday to you!!!

 Dinner with friends at Bru Burger on Mass Ave.
 Awesome worship Sunday morning.
We are so sad to see Aaron and Emily Pelsue leave our church, but we know God has awesome things in store for them! They have been such a huge part of our experience there.
 We haven't eaten chocolate, candy or sweets since the Lenten season began. We had a cheat day for Daddy's birthday and ate cheesecake.
 Chase worked hard on this chalk cake for Daddy! Complete with all 36 candles!
 My happy bunch! 
 Chase was so excited to give Daddy the card he made and the bear he painted.
Please excuse his blueberry stained teeth in these pictures. :)
Happy birthday Wes, we love you to the moon!


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