Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chase's Birthday

We spent Chase's birthday hanging out at home. I was so happy that he was starting to feel better!
 We ventured out for a birthday haircut and picked out a cupcake for later.
We also jammed to his new "birthday mix" - a CD we put together of some of his favorite songs right now. These include songs from Frozen (can't stop singing them even if I tried), Cars 1 and Cars 2, Despicable Me 2 and Star Wars.
We went to McAlister's for dinner, but Chase wasn't really up to eating much - or his cupcake, sadly. The last photo is a picture of Chase and me at his school the day after his birthday, reading a book to his class.
He chose Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) I was pretty proud. :)
We let Chase open up some gifts that morning and after a 5-themed lunch, he got to watch Cars 2!
That evening after dinner we sang and opened gifts.
We also face-timed with Mimi so she could watch Chase open the presents she had sent.

My Uncle Steve made this awesome poster for Chase's birthday and sent him some pretty fun Star Wars themed photos and badges. Thanks Uncle Steve - you are so talented and generous of your time.
Can you spot the newest Jedi?
Chase let out the cutest little giggle when he spotted himself!
Chase's birthday party this year was at Bounce U.
He requested a Star Wars themed all-boy event!
There were about 15 little boys jumping and running all over the place.
He has such sweet little friends and we are so blessed to know them.
They really made it such a fun night for Chase!

Happy 5th Birthday Chase!
Saturday morning Pop and Grandma came up and took Chase to a movie!
We all went to Red Robin for dinner that evening. The wait staff sang to Chase - he was funny. Mortified at first - but happy with the sundae of course.
Happy Happy Birthday Chase!
We have had such an amazing week celebrating you!


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