Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Earning His Keep {and planting seeds}

Chase recently realized the appeal of the toy aisle at Target. He also realized that this Momma (and Daddy) rarely buy him toys for just anything. Sad, but true.
We started a "morning work" list with him this summer of things he needs to do to "contribute to the family!" These are things he does around the house to get himself ready in the morning and to help me out as well.
These daily things include:
-make his bed
-go to the bathrooom
-brush his teeth
-get dressed (a cool Batman hook in his room with the clothes on it for the next day helps tremendously with this and leaves no room for disagreements on what he needs to put on)
-put his dishes in the sink after meals
-pick up toys at end of day
Extra earnings:
-put clean clothes away
-take little trash cans to large trashcans
-more to come!
He gets a dollar a week.
I know, it's cruel. I am so cheap. But he gets so excited to earn his dollar.
He found a toy from the Planes movie that he wanted. But it was $12.00.
This kid saved ALL summer.
I feared he would soon lose momentum, so I knew we had to get to Target soon. :)
Each week or so we would count our earnings and talk about whether he should spend or save, and we talked about how all of our blessings come from God - and we put aside our 10% and had a talk about tithing. He was all "but I still have enough for the planes, right?"
Yes, son.
Ah, planting seeds , ya know? Planting seeds...
Chase with his $12.00, burning a hole in his pocket.
Chase and his new toy, what a hard worker.
Do your kids get an allowance?
How much and how old are they?
Do they have to earn it somehow?
I'd love to hear from you!


The Beckers said...

I need to start this! I've always thought he was to young...but I see so much more independence lately. And the constant "want" for things at Target gets old...this may be my solution! Thanks for the reminder that they CAN do things to help! :) I'll let you know how it goes!

The Beckers said...

Sorry - grammar should say "too young." I just cringed when I saw that.

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