Monday, July 15, 2013

2 months {an update}

Whew! Things seem to be getting easier around here.
I think the reflux meds, probiotics and me staying away from dairy are helping. Will is sleeping better during the day making it easier for him to fall asleep at night. Don't get me wrong here, we still have our moments - but we are managing better. Dare I say there have been a handful of times this baby boy has put HIMSELF to sleep after his last feeding for the day? That is something I am trying to do more of this time around, putting him down drowsy and letting him fall asleep on his own. Does he nurse to sleep some nights? You bet. Do I let him cry? Nope, still can't do it. :) And the majority of nights we rock him to sleep! He is sleeping in his crib, and has been since he was about 3 weeks. Since Chase was in our room for 6 months, this was a big deal for me. But he is a very noisy baby, and we all sleep better because of it!
He is sleeping around 4 to 4 1/2 hours before he wakes up for a feeding. He is usually up twice to eat. After his last feeding around 5 am he has a VERY hard time going back down and I can see the reflux issues get worse as the night progresses for him. We are getting into a routine of naps in the daytime, his longest one being from around 9 am-11:30. He loves to nap in the rock n play we borrowed from Aunt Krystle. (That thing is awesome!) I take him into the bathroom when getting ready and the white noise of the fan puts him right to sleep!
He isn't up long before we can tell it's time for the next one! He has been great in the car, we pray this continues as Chase was never a fan of sleeping in the car.
Nursing continues to go well...this kid does not have a problem eating. :)
He is smiling more and more, and starting to coo. And he LOVES his big brother - he seems to give Chase the biggest smiles. I love that.
Here are some photos from little man's last few weeks!
His face is priceless.

Thanks to my friend Cathy for the onesie from her shop Made With Hope!
these. fat. rolls.

 4th of July
snuggle time

Chase told Will, "If I didn't have you I would be so sad. I love you more than anything."

What a sweet moment for my momma heart. We are blessed.


Marcia said...

It is simply not possible for Will to be 2 months since he was just BORN YESTERDAY!!! Where have the last two months gone?!?! Your boys are so adorable!

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