Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weeks 29-32 {Baby #3}

I have officially hit the 8 month mark.
CRAZY! People have been asking me lately if I am anxious. I would say overall, yes! :) Some days I think, wow, I am 32 weeks along...and then the next day I think, wow, I have 2 months/8 weeks to go! Depending on where my emotions are that day, that can be a good or a not so good thing!
Here are some recent belly shots, alongside my awesome helper Chase. 

So I have officially began the penguin waddle.
Still working out anywhere from 3-5 times a week and feeling pretty good.
Can't eat normal size meals anymore without feeling bad after.
Sleeping pretty well, just tossing from one side to the other in my snoogle!
Avoiding my support hose whenever possible even though I know I should wear them...they are a form of torture for me though.
This is the MOST ACTIVE BOY out of all three. He seriously never stops. Which gives me comfort, so that is a big blessing!
I feel REALLY big most days, and I've gained more than I thought I would at this point.
Why is that when I'm actually working out this pregnancy and that still happens?! No fair.
At the end of the day though, a healthy baby is all I care about!
We have narrowed down our {secret} names, and feel really excited overall but also guarded.
We had a great 32 week ultrasound which I will post on soon!
We are getting there!!!


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